Concrete Parking Lot Lifting

Police Pursuit Training Slab Polyurethane Grouting, Virginia


Concrete parking lot use for police pursuit training was installed with too much slope. The training area is designed to be sprayed with water so the surface become slippery, allowing for winter-condition training in the heat of summer. However, because the slab was poured with too much slope, the water would run off of the slab faster than it could be replaced.


Polyurethane grouting crew completed polyurethane concrete raising to lift the 18,000 square foot slab up to 7 inches above original grade. The lift was tapered from 7 inches at the low end to 0.0 inches at the high side. The reduction in slope helped maintain the water on the surface of the slab to reduce water usage and improve the training experience.

Four pound per cubic foot high density polyurethane was used for the polyurethane concrete raising. Because the entire slab was a monolithic pour with sawed control joints, it was lifted as a wave over multiple passes. This helped to minimize the amount of cracking. The polyurethane injection also served to underseal the slab to reduce water loss through the control joints.