Office Floor Lifting

Office Floor Polyurethane Grouting, Baltimore, Maryland


Slab floors inside of two buildings at an office park settled, creating trip hazards. One building had approximately 100 LF of 1/2″ differential settlement at a joint running down the center of a hallway. The second building had approximately 60 LF of 3/8″ differential settlement in a cubicle area.


Work had to be completed without disruption of operations, and with minimal disturbance to the floor covering (glued-down carpet).


Polyurethane grouting to raise and support the interior floor slabs.


NCFI high density polyurethane was injected through holed drilled in the floor to raise the slabs back to their original positions. The work in both buildings was completed in approximately 3 hours, on a weekend. To access the slab floor, small L-shaped cuts were made in the carpet. After injection was completed, the carpet was glued back down.