Office Building Slab Foundation Repair

Office Building Slab Foundation Repair


The turned-down slab foundation of a prefab metal office building at a paper mill settled up to 7 inches, requiring office building slab foundation repair. The slab foundation had previously been raised by others using pressure grouting with concrete. The office building was in active use, and the owner couldn’t tolerate any downtime. The building had been original designed as a temporary facility, so little attention was paid to it being constructed over unconsolidated fly ash and waste paper rolls.


Office building slab foundation repair by CJGeo using polyurethane grouting.

Polyurethane grouting.

Work had to be completed without disruption of operations, and with minimal disturbance to the floor covering (glued-down carpet & VCT). Additionally, because normal operations had to continue during the repair, the office building slab foundation repair process had to be very clean to ensure no damage to computers, network equipment, and other electronics in the work area.


Polyurethane grouting to raise and support the interior floor slabs. Geotechnical polyurethane was chosen because of its speed, cleanliness, and light weight material, which helps to reduce chances of future settlement.


CJGeo slab foundation repair crews raised the entire affected area of floor in just a few hours. The repair was made without significant disruption to the glued down carpet or VCT flooring, and didn’t disturb normal use of the facility.