Mechanic Shop Floor Repair

Mechanic Shop Floor Repair, Arlington, Virginia


The slab floor inside the shop bathroom & adjacent storage room settled.  This caused a very large crack to open up in the tiled shower wall, and a 3″ gap below the baseboard.  The facility’s air compressors were mounted on the slab in the adjacent storage room.  The floor settlement caused the air compressors to lean, and pull on the air lines as the slab continued to sink, requiring floor repair.

Large crack in shower tile from the slab floor settling

Settled slab floor inside of mechanic shop in Arlington, Virginia, before being lifted back into place by CJGeo using polyurethane grouting


The customer could not tolerate compressor downtime.  Therefore, the repair had to be done without disrupting the air compressors.  The only access to the work area was through the shop area.  Material had to be pumped from the parking lot, which was approximately 125 feet away from the work area.

The repair couldn’t disrupt operations, so either had to be non-disruptive or done off hours.


High density polyurethane grouting to perform the slab foundation repair.  This job’s constraints were no match for polyurethane grouting.  Because lifting is gentle and uniform, the air compressors were able to stay in operation.  

The equipment used for polyurethane grouting is contained in a box truck.  The work area can be up to 600 feet from where the truck is parked.  The crew was able to stretch the polyurethane grout hose along the exterior wall through the shop to reach the work area.  This helped ensure the shop could continue operating as usual, despite the repair being done during business hours.


The CJGeo 204 polyurethane grouting crew raised the floor back into position in a few hours.  The gaps below the baseboard closed up, as did the crack in the shower tiles.  The air compressors continued to operate undisrupted in the storage area.  

The entire time the slab floor repair was being done, customers and employees were uninterrupted.