Machine Base Stabilization

Machine base stabilization using polyurethane grouting in Suffolk, Virginia

machine base stabilization using polyurethane grouting

Undersealing machine base using polyurethane grouting.


The thickened slab machine based inside a manufacturing facility started to settle slightly.  The settlement was a result of the soil below the machine base consolidating.  This caused slight voids under the machine based, which allowed it to vibrate, which affected the equipment’s operation, requiring machine base stabilization.


The repair had to be quick, clean, and allow for immediate use of the equipment.  Additionally, the nearest exterior entrance was more than 200 feet from the work area. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment, there was no tolerance for lifting the slab.  The material used for void filling had to be able to fill the very tight voids without lifting the slab.


High density polyurethane grouting to underseal the machine base slab.  This job’s constraints were no match for polyurethane grouting.  CJGeo’s polyurethane grouting equipment can easily pump the 200 feet required to reach the work area.  

The equipment used for polyurethane grouting is contained in a box truck.  The work area can be up to 600 feet from where the truck is parked.  The crew was able to stretch the polyurethane grout hose along the exterior wall through the shop to reach the work area.  This avoided any disruption to normal operations at the facility.


The CJGeo 207 polyurethane grouting crew stabilized the machine base in less than a day.   Plural component polyurethane grout formulated specifically for undersealing was placed through 5/8th-inch holes drilled through the slab.  The injection holes were patched with concrete afterwards.

The entire time the concrete floor repair was being done, normal operations continued throughout the facility.  Immediately after the machine base stabilization was completed, the equipment was fired back up to confirm that the voids were full and the source of vibration addressed.