Industrial Slab Stabilization

Industrial Slab Stabilization, Richmond, Virginia


Concrete slabs at municipal waste convenience/transfer station settled. 12″ thick parking slab for roll-off waste transfer trucks settled, creating water puddling and drainage problems. This project is part of a multi-year high density polyurethane injection contract held by Concrete Jack for a municipality, to include stabilization and lifting of municipal property including waste transfer facilities, water and sewer infrastructure, and public buildings.


Due to the high volume of waste processed at the facility, the work needed to be completed quickly, and the work area had to be able to return to normal service immediately afterwards.


Geotechnical polyurethane grouting to fill the voids under the slabs and raise them as possible to complete the slab stabilization. High density polyurethane foam was chosen for its light weight (4 pounds per cubic foot) compared to grout (at least 110 pounds per cubic foot), and minimal downtime.


Single CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew injected approximately 400 pounds of high density high density polyurethane to stabilize and lift the parking slabs over a period of a few hours. The area was returned to service immediately afterwards.