Industrial Floor Stabilization

Industrial Floor Stabilization in Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Fork truck fell through concrete floor of metal fabrication shop due to void under floor. Surface water from behind building could be seen flowing under the slab during rain events. The customer core drilled multiple test holes throughout the facility and identified voids around an in-floor track system which was part of the facility’s previous use (airplane manufacturing facility).


Zero downtime requirement; business fabricates and does repairs for Marcellus Shale producers.  Clean, controlled installation was required; multiple robotic welding machines and a paint booth sat in the work area.


Geotechnical polyurethane grouting to void fill under the floor, raise and support settled floors at exterior doorways.  Patch spot where fork truck fell through floor with rapid-setting concrete.  Because high density polyurethane is hydroinsensitive, filling voids under floor would help stop water from flowing under the floor.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew installed nearly 20 cubic yards of polyurethane foam under the slab for floor stabilization, over an area of 12,500 square feet over 2 days.  All areas were open to foot and fork truck traffic during work.