Hospital Trip Hazard Repairs

Trip Hazard Repair at Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland


Settled sidewalks at entry into medical office building caused significant trip hazards.  A patient and their family member tripped while entering a building as a result.  There were also large (3+ inches) trip hazards at four other locations around the campus requiring trip hazard repair.


All work had to be completed off hours due to high pedestrian traffic.  Due to mobility restrictions of many pedestrians, including wheelchair and walker-assistance, all areas being repaired had to remain open to pedestrian traffic during repairs.


High density polyurethane grouting to stabilize and lift settled concrete for the trip hazard repair work.


CJGeo mobilized two polyurethane grouting crews, who lifted about 800 square feet of concrete to repair 12 different trip hazards.  The work took a total of five hours, and was completed without creating any passage hazards for pedestrians or any disruption to operation of the facilities.