Generator Slab Lifting

Lifting a Sinking Generator Slab at Remote Cell Tower Site, Greensboro, NC


Concrete slab under a natural-gas-fired generator was sinking.  The generator was at a remove cell service site, and provided back-up power for the communications equipment.


The slab was the same size as the generator footprint, so access through the slab had to be completed within the footprint of the generator.  Generator could not be moved off of slab in order to ensure continuous availability of backup power to the cell site.


High density polyurethane grouting to fill the voids under the generator slab and then push the slab and generator (still sitting on the slab) back into position.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew injected geotechnical polyurethane through generator slab, which stabilized and lifted the slab back into position.  The work took approximately 15 minutes.