Freezer Floor Repair

Freezer floor repair using cellular concrete, Petersburg, Virginia


A composite closed-cell foam and diamond plate steel floor inside of a freezer of a hospitals failed, requiring freezer floor repair.  The floor was designed to be installed bearing on sheets of rigid styrofoam insulation.  Instead, the installer used lathe strips to support the floor.  The floor panels were not designed for non-uniform support.  Over time, the foam broke and the panels developed bellies.  The floor bounced with foot traffic, which caused items on shelves inside the freezer to topple, and for the shelves to lean.

The owner contacted the freezer vendor, who contracted CJGeo to stabilize the floor.


Freezer floor repair inside of hospital using cellular concrete to stabilize the freezer floor.All work had to be completed with minimal disruption to use of the freezer.  Fast work was crucial–the freezer vendor was paying for freezer trailers to store inventory during the prep and installation time.  Material had to be pumped more than 200 feet from the nearest exterior door, through occupied spaces, including the dry goods store room. Absolutely no lift or floating of floor was tolerable.  Slats installed to support floor panels provided unknown network of blockages for material flow.


Pump lightweight cellular concrete into the void through 1 5/8″ holes cored through the floor.  Because cellular concrete does not segregate, it can be pumped very long distances while maintaining its integrity and functionality.  Because cellular concrete is highly flowable, it was the material of choice for ensuring complete fill within the unknown maze of lathe strips supporting the floor.

It was very important that the void filling material be absolutely uniform, as there were multiple failures of the foam floor panels, with some isolated small areas experiencing differential movement.


CJGeo cellular concrete installation crew placed material without incident to completely fill the voids. Immediately after the freezer floor repair was completed by CJGeo, the freezer was turned on and brought down to temperature and returned to use.