Class A Office Floor Stabilization

Office Slab Floor Stabilization, Durham, NC


During geotechnical investigation for deep foundation installation as part of a build out, voids were discovered under the slab floor of two large office buildings. The voids potentially affected more than 20,000 square feet of floor space. There were approximately 450 LF of cracks and joints which had experienced differential settlement of up to 0.75 inches.


The repair had to be completed very quickly, with minimal disruption to the facility. Also, due to the extremely fast build schedule, the work had to be completed at the same time as the grouted micro piles and other trade work within the same work area.


Polyurethane grouting for this slab foundation repair project. Due to the unknown extent of voids, injection holes would be used to inspect for voids, which would then be filled as found.


Two CJGeo polyurethane grouting crews mobilized to Durham, NC, drilled exploratory holes across the entire work area, filled found voids and corrected differential settlement over a period of three days. Work was completed simultaneously with grouted micro pile installation, demolition and other build out activities going on in the same spaces.