Elem. School Floor Lifting

Elementary School Floor Lifting–Sykesville, Maryland


The slab floor inside of a kindergarten classroom & adjacent conference room settled.  The floor settled towards the adjacent exterior walls.  The finished floor elevation was approximately 8 feet above finished grade, so the settlement was attributed to consolidation of the backfill material placed inside the walls during construction.  A concrete block wall with metal door frame rested on the floor.  The symptoms of settlement were a gap below the baseboard on the wall, and cracking of the block wall, which was bearing on a thickened area of the slab.


All work had to be performed outside of school hours.  In addition to lifting the floor, the floor coverings had to be addressed during the same period outside of school hours.  So, time of was the essence, to ensure that the floor could be lifted and the floor coverings repaired quickly.


High density polyurethane grouting to stabilize and lift the affected areas to perform the concrete floor repair. The structural engineer who originally consulted on the project had recommended grout injection. However, the owner determined that grout injection would have been phenomenally disruptive to the use of the space and continuity of the research being done in the work areas.

Since polyurethane grouting is dust free, fast and quiet, it was chosen as the most appropriate repair.


CJGeo lifted and stabilized the settled floor, along with the CMU wall sitting on it back into place in a few hours.  The general contractor who was responsible for the repair replaced the few VCT tiles that were removed to allow for hole drilling, and rolled the carpet back.  The rooms were returned to normal use the next day without any disruption.