Drive-Through Lane Repair

Restaurant Drive Through Lane Lifting, Jacksonville, North Carolina


Concrete slabs in drive through lane at fast food restaurant in Jacksonville, North Carolina settled. Settlement between slabs of up to 2 inches created a tripping hazard for anyone walking on the slabs, and indicated a problem with the soil below the slabs. Deflection of the joint also could cause potential future damage to embedded sensor wires.


Due to high traffic volume, work had to be performed outside of normal operating hours, and then be immediately available for use afterwards.


High density polyurethane grouting to raise the settled slabs back to their original levels. The joints with differential settlement were saw cut a week before the work was completed to ensure that lifting could be completed quickly and without slabs binding.


Single CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew raise the drive through lane slabs in a few hours. The restaurant was able to utilize the drive through lanes the next morning when they opened, without any restrictions.