Commercial Sidewalk Lifting

Commercial Facility Sidewalk Lifting, Fredericksburg, Virginia


The sidewalk at a commercial building settled below the adjacent curb.  This created a tripping hazard and caused rainwater to flow under the curb and parking lot.

Many facility managers don’t view sidewalks dropped below the curb a tripping hazard.  The rationale being that people are already stepping over the curb.  While seemingly less likely to cause a tripping incident than transverse trip hazards, sidewalks that are significantly lower than the top of the curb can definitely still cause people to trip.

A rather hidden, functional problem results from sidewalks being dropped below the curb.  Most commercial spaces are designed for water to flow over the lawn, onto the sidewalk, over the top of the curb and into the curb pan.  When sidewalks that are the flow path drop below the top of the curb, stormwater is forced to flow under the sidewalk & curb.  This saturates the soil under the adjacent asphalt.  

Asphalt is not designed to tolerate soft soil.  This constantly wet soil causes the asphalt near the curb to deteriorate much quicker than areas that aren’t sitting on muddy soil.


Customer was looking for a repair that was faster and less disruptive than concrete replacement, addressed the trip hazards, and restored proper drainage.


High density polyurethane grouting to raise the sidewalks back to their original position, eliminating the trip hazards, and sealing off the bottom of the slabs from water flow.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew raised the sidewalk back into place in a fraction of the time required for demolition, and for a fraction of the cost.

Polyurethane grouting is a very quiet process.  The electric drills used to drill the 5/8″ injection holes are very quiet, and each hole only takes a few seconds to drill.  Additionally, the equipment used for polyurethane grouting is contained in a box truck.  The generator which powers the equipment is no louder than a commercial lawnmower engine.

Quiet, compact equipment allows CJGeo to perform repairs around occupied buildings without disrupting tenants or customers.