Bulkheading For Grouting–Dam Rehab

Bulkheading For Grouting–Dam Rehab, Waynesboro, Virginia


How to bulkhead a liner pipe for annular space grouting.


Job was literally on the side of a mountain, and subjected to stormwater flow from multiple square miles of terrain, so bulkhead material had to set very quickly to tolerate rapid water level changes from flash flooding.  Downstream bulkhead had to be constructed inside of a 2′ by 5′ riser that went 40 feet below the dam surface.  Confined space entry training and permitting required for access to the downstream bulkhead.


Polyurethane grouting was chosen for the bulkheading because of its very rapid curing time, and ease of pumping into the confined space access shaft for the downstream bulkhead.


CJGeo installed the bulkheads and then grouted the annular space with cellular concrete.