Bottling Facility Floor

Bottling Facility Void Filling, Washington, DC


18″ voids were discovered under the floor of the filler room in a bottling plant.  The same voids had previously been filled by others with a lime-based grout, but the high acidity (pH ~2.0) process water quickly eroded the lime material.  The water infiltration was related to failed drain pipes.  Attempts by others at controlling the water by installing an interior basement waterproofing system with sump pump were unsuccessful.


Work had to be completed without disruption of operations.  Work areas included administrative office space, process office space, and filler room.  


Geotechnical polyurethane grouting for undersealing the floor to fill voids and stop water movement.  Additionally, a rusted out abandoned conduit pipe passing through the basement wall into a mechanical room was treated with water stopping chemical grouting.


CJGeo crews undersealed the filler room floor and addressed the wall leak in a three-staged repair.  The work was successfully completed without disruption to operations.