Auditorium Floor Undersealing

Auditorium Floor Undersealing, Hampton, Virginia


During heavy rain, water flowed through a 60′ long crack in the sloping floor of a middle school auditorium.  So much water came through the crack that the orchestra pit would have up to 6 inches of water in it.  The water intrusion made the floor slippery and damaged the VCT flooring tiles.  Previous attempts by maintenance staff to seal the crack on the surface had failed.  


Work could not interfere with school activities, including frequent use of the auditorium.  Also, the concrete floor repair equipment needed to be compact and clean to allow for work between the closely spaced rows of auditorium seating.


High density polyurethane grouting to underseal the floor along the path of the crack.  The foam chosen was picked due to its ability to flow long distances through very tight spaces to ensure complete coverage and crack sealing.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew installed the undersealing foam along the path of the crack.  The voids immediately around the crack were as deep as 12″.  Exploratory drilling confirmed that there were no voids under areas of the floor not immediately around the crack.  The work was completed in a few hours during spring break, so there was no disruption to school activities.