Annular Space Cellular Concrete–Dam

Cellular Concrete Annular Space Grouting for Dam Rehab in Staunton, Virginia


A 72″ pipe passing through a drinking water impoundment dam was being used to pass two smaller diameter pipes, and then needed to be filled.  This annular space grouting project was located approximately 7 miles off road.


The heat of hydration given the large quantity of material to be placed was a concern. To reduce heat concerns, a sand-based mix of cellular concrete was chosen. However, this complicated logistics of the project, as pumping pressures are much higher than neat (Portland cement & water only) mixes, and a larger volume of material had to be delivered up a single lane road to the job.


Ensure redundant pumping capacity, and also provide video monitoring of adjacent injection pipes to ensure complete fill.


CJGeo placed the lightweight cellular concrete to fill the annular space to the engineer’s specification. Live video monitoring of injection pipes was done during the annular space grouting to ensure complete fill.