Continuous Generating Cellular Concrete

Continuous  generation is one of two methods of cellular concrete generation.

Cellular Concrete Continuous Generation Process

Using continuous generation equipment for cellular concrete allows for the highest rate of generation and placement.  Unlike truck batching, where mix is generated in fixed volume batches, continuous generation equipment produces a continuous flow of finished cellular concrete.  With continuous generation, slurry can be provided by either a mobile batch plant or transit mix trucks.  Either supply of slurry is fed to a pump, which pumps the slurry to a mixing chamber.  

A continuous preformed foam generating machine injects the preformed cellular concrete foam into the mixing chamber.  As the slurry and preformed foam come together in the mixing chamber, they leave out the discharge hose towards the placement location. 

Cellular Concrete Batch Generation Equipment

We use an Aerix Industries continuous foam generator and various pumps for continuous placement of cellular concrete.