Batch Cellular Concrete Generation

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Batch generation is one of two methods of cellular concrete generation.

Cellular Concrete Batch Generation Process

With batch mix cellular concrete generation, slurry is delivered to the job by transit mix truck.  The slurry load size is specified based on the desired wet cast density of the mix.  For example, for a 30PCF mix, to create 10 cubic yards of cellular concrete the transit mix trucks deliver about 2.5 cubic yards of slurry to the job.  

Cellular concrete batch equipment is then used to introduce preformed foam into the transit mix truck’s drum.  A few minutes of gentle mixing causes the preformed foam to blend uniformly with the slurry, resulting in 10 cubic yards of homogenous cellular concrete mix, ready for placement.  For the example 30PCF mix, about 7.5 cubic yards of preformed foam would be added to the drum of the transit mix truck.

Cellular Concrete Batch Generation Equipment

We use a tank-based system for generating truck-batched mixes of cellular concrete.  The tank system is made up of two 80 gallons pressurized tanks, which are filled with a blend of foam concentrate and water. The tanks are connected to a foaming chamber which turns the concentrate/water mixture into preformed foam as it’s sprayed into the transit mix concrete truck.